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Indicative fees for clear aligners

Clear Aligners are some of the highest value treatments you can offer as a dentist. Here are some examples of 32Co pricing on different case type to help guide your pricing structure.

32Co Pricing:

At 32Co we provide multiple multiple manufacturing options to make sure you can mix and match the features you want for each patient. 

You can choose between:

✔ PRO or LITE (Specialist supported or not)

✔ Manufacturer

✔ Composition (multi or single layer)

✔ Shipping speed (Super fast or regular)

✔ Refinements included or PAYG

Case costs:

Collecting clinical data to prepare for clear aligner treatment is time-consuming, and so most dentists will take a deposit before they submit a case. There are a few possible outcomes when you submit a case:

- Patient not suitable for Clear Aligners, comprehensive report provided- £40

- Patient suitable for treatment  - £0 (see clear aligner prices below, no extra fees)

- Patient suitable for treatment, but patient decides not to go ahead - £150 expiry fee (after 3 months)

Your choices will dial the prices up and down so that you can always make sure you are providing treatments profitably.

All PRO cases include help from a Specialist Orthodontist on case selection, treatment planning and more. Prices are subject to change

What about discounts?

32Co is extremely committed to clinical excellence and education; so much so that not only is our training free, but you'll earn discounts for engaging with the content and sharing case studies. Keep an eye on your emails and in the portal for your personal discounts!

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