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So you're feeling ready to do some great clear aligner work?

On-the-go training tailored to you, support from specialists when you want it, and fairer prices - this is the new normal.

How does it work?

Submitting a case on the 32Co platform is easy and we are always on hand to make sure it's stress free. Here is an overview of the process!

Getting started

◈ All aspects of a case are managed through the 32Co portal; uploading patient information, collaborating with our specialists and reviewing your treatment options.

◈ You can save a draft submission at anytime so you don't need to collect all the information in one go - in fact most dentists plan two appointments; an initial one to discuss Clear Aligners and assess suitability then a longer 30-60 minute session to gather clinical data

◈ If you take silicone impressions, use our pre-paid labels to send them directly to the lab for digitisation. Once the 3D scan is available we will upload it to the portal for you - this process usually takes two working days from when you post the imps

Plan your appointments

For your first appointments you’ll likely need:

● 15 mins intro

● 45 mins workup

● 15 mins follow up and consent

● 60 mins fitting

● 15 mins every 4-6 weeks for check ups 

● 60 mins finishing appointment

● 15-30 mins retainer fitting 

Total: around 5-6 hours over the course of 6-12 month.

Key points to communicate to your patient

Explain what clear aligners are and describe a rough timeline

✔ Discuss a rough price for the full treatment, including any extras (whitening, retainers) 

✔ You cannot yet guarantee specific outcomes or suitability; it may be that certain movements are not possible due to limitations of clear aligners, or that the specialist (if using) advises against clear aligners all together

✔ If you are planning to work with a specialist you may tell patients this; many find this a real selling point 

Should I take a deposit?

Collecting clinical data to prepare for clear aligner treatment is time-consuming, and so most dentists will take a deposit before they submit a case. There are a few possible outcomes when you submit a case:

- Patient not suitable for Clear Aligners, report provided- £40 (no charge for first case)

- Patient suitable for treatment  - £0 (see clear aligner prices below, no extra fees)

- Patient suitable for treatment, but patient decides not to go ahead - £150 expiry fee (after 3 months)

Most dentists will take some form of payment upfront, and for motivated patients, this is usually not a problem. Some people choose to take the deposit off the final bill, others charge in addition (it is your time after all!).

How much do Clear Aligners cost?

Your choices will dial the prices up and down so that you can always make sure you are providing treatments profitably.

You can choose between:

✔ PRO or LITE (Specialist supported or not)

✔ Plastic type (multi or single layer)

✔ Shipping speed (super fast or regular)

✔ Refinements included or PAYG

Here are some example cases to help you estimate your fees.

Subject to change, but even complex cases will be less expensive than traditional manufacturers.

I'm ready to go! What next?

If you've got a patient ready to go head to your portal and log in (reset your password if this is the first time you've logged in). Remember there is no charge for your first patient if they aren't suitable so you've really got nothing to lose!

Submit your case

1) Create a patient profile

2) Head to the profile and "create a submission"

3) Compete a PRO form if you'd like a specialist to help

4) Upload a patient data: clinical photos, radiographs and 3D scan

5) Click 'finalise submission'

When you are starting out in Clear Aligner care it can feel like there is a lot of data to collect and sometimes you might want some early specialist feedback on your case to check you are going in the right direction. Get in-touch with us at and we can help.

Remember, there is a team of clinicians to help you every step of the way! Click below to get started

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