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My first patient: cost and pricing

Clear Aligners are some of the highest value treatments you can offer as a dentist. However, discussing money isn’t always easy - when do you start the conversation? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you.

32Co Pricing:

We provide you with multiple manufacturing options through our partners to make sure you can mix and match the features you want for each patient

You can choose between:

✔ PRO or LITE (Specialist supported or not)

✔ Plastic type (multi or single layer)

✔ Shipping speed (Super fast or regular)

✔ Refinements included or PAYG

Should I take a deposit?

Collecting clinical data to prepare for clear aligner treatment is time-consuming, and so most dentists will take a deposit before they submit a case. At 32Co we are trying to keep any expense for cases that do not go ahead to a bare minimum. There are a few possible outcomes when you submit a case:

- Patient not suitable for Clear Aligners, report provided- £40 (no charge for first case)

- Patient suitable for treatment  - £0 (see clear aligner prices below, no extra fees)

- Patient suitable for treatment, but patient decides not to go ahead - £150 expiry fee (after 3 months)

Most dentists will take some form of payment when they start to take impressions and x-rays, and for motivated patients, this is usually not a problem. Some people choose to take the deposit off the final bill, others charge in addition (it is your time after all!).

How much will the Clear Aligners cost?

Your choices will dial the prices up and down so that you can always make sure you are providing treatments profitably.

Subject to change, but even complex cases will be less expensive than traditional manufacturers

What about discounts?

32Co is extremely committed to clinical excellence and education; you'll earn discounts for engaging with clinical training content, sharing case studies, submitting specialist feedback and more.

Keep an eye on your email for discounts!

How should I charge patients?

It can be tempting to bring prices down when you are starting, but remember, these are long courses of treatment, with significant chair time. You are a dental professional and your time is valuable. 

You should factor in the cost of the aligners (+/- Specialist support), including any additional ones required, as well as the chair time you’ll need before deciding on a final price. Most likely, this will be after you’ve received the patient’s treatment design and prices. It is quite common for patients to need a few extra aligners at the end to get the finishing touches right so making sure your patient knows if this is included in your pricing at the start will prevent issues later down the line. Spreading the cost across monthly payments is a great way to make it more manageable.

Don’t forget to tell the patients the cost of retainers upfront; retention is non-negotiable in clear aligner treatment!

How much chair time?

For your first appointments you’ll likely need:

● 30 mins intro

● 45 mins workup

● 15 mins follow up and consent

● 60 mins fitting

● 15 mins every 4-6 weeks for check ups 

● 60 mins finishing appointment

● 15-30 mins retainer fitting

Total: around 5-6 hours over the course of 6-12 month.

Frameworks dentists use:

➜ Multiply your lab bill by 3

➜ Multiply your desired fee per hour of chair time by estimated hours 

➜ Go for a rough, UK-wide average for clear aligners; about 3,000 GBP

You’ll get more comfortable with pricing once you’ve worked through a few cases, you’ll want to make exceptions for certain patients (simple cases, friends or family), or create a bundle to include other treatments such as whitening and retainers.

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