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Clear Aligners are some of the highest value treatments you can offer as a dentist. Here are some examples of 32Co pricing on different case type to help guide your pricing structure.

32Co Pricing:

At 32Co we provide multiple multiple manufacturing options through 32Stories to make sure you can mix and match the features you want for each patient. 

You can choose between:

  • PRO or LITE (Specialist supported or not)
  • Plastic type (multi or single layer)
  • Shipping speed (Super fast or regular)
  • Refinements included or PAYG

Your choices will dial the prices up and down so that you can always make sure you are providing treatments profitably.

How should I charge patients?

It can be tempting to bring prices down when you are starting, but remember, these are long courses of treatment, with significant chair time. You are a dental professional and your time is valuable. 

You should factor in the cost of the aligners (+/- Specialist support) as well as the chair time you’ll need before deciding on a final price. Most likely, this will be after you’ve received the patient’s treatment design and prices. Spreading the cost across monthly payments is a great way to make it more manageable.

Don’t forget to tell the patients the cost of retainers upfront; retention is non-negotiable in clear aligner treatment!

How much chair time?

For your first appointments you’ll likely need:

  • 30 mins intro
  • 45 mins workup
  • 15 mins follow up and consent
  • 60 mins fitting
  • 15 mins every 4-6 weeks for check ups 
  • 60 mins finishing appointment
  • 15-30 mins retainer fitting 
Total: around 5-6 hours over the course of 6-12 month when you first start, but this will decrease as your processes get slicker.

Frameworks dentists use to decide price

  • Multiply your lab bill by 3
  • Multiply your desired fee per hour of chair time by estimated hours 
  • Go for a rough average for clear aligners; about 3,000 GBP

You’ll get more comfortable with pricing once you’ve worked through a few cases, you’ll want to make exceptions for certain patients, or create a bundle to include other treatments such as whitening and retainers. 

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