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Visual Aids Drive Discussion

When it comes to growing your practice, whether that’s bringing on new patients or introducing a new treatment modality, efficiency is key! Even small changes can have an outsized impact on your topline.

In a pilot we did, we found that the following simple things increased the number of patient enquiries 5-fold (£20k per month uplift for the practice) and we want to share them with you!!

1. Utilising a display in high footfall areas (10 mins to set up)
2. Having brochures available to pick up (2 mins to set up)
3. Teaching practice staff a basic script on Clear Aligners (30 mins lunch + learn)

Utilising a display in high footfall areas

When it comes to introducing or selling a treatment modality, the first question to ask yourself is: “do my patients even know I offer aligner treatment?”

We asked patients in a practice without any visual aids whether they knew the practice offered clear aligner treatment. Just under 40% had no idea!! Your welcome pack contains all the bits you need to set up a simple display pictured below.

Teaching practice staff a basic script on Clear Aligners 

Your front of house and nursing team are instrumental in telling patients which treatments you offer and responding to questions from patients. In our experience staff find clear aligners to be a really interesting and fun topic to engage with patients about!

One GDP stated: “ Getting the practice staff involved has lightened my load significantly. They really enjoy talking to patients and they were really quick to pick it up - I often find I just don’t have the time! ” 

Some practices designate a Clear Aligner "lead" among staff so that they can check in with other team members as to how many people they have interacted with that week. It keeps it easy for you as one person can gather all the feedback across the whole practice.

Scripts for common FAQs

What are clear aligners?

"Clear aligners are a modern, subtle way of straightening teeth using invisible plastic trays which are custom-made to fit your teeth using 3D printers. Each aligner is programmed to move your teeth little by little to get the desired end result! ”

What is the process of getting them made?

"This requires an initial consult appointment during which we learn about your (the patient) goals and take detailed records, such as photographs, radiographs and molds (either impressions or a scan). Once the workup is complete the tooth movements will be designed to see whether your expectations can be met."

Am I suitable?

"Not everyone is suitable for clear aligners; some cases require in-person supervision by a specialist orthodontist. However, clear aligners have progressed significantly and are able to treat a plethora of case types. Usually, we can pick up complex cases for referral before the workup but if the doctor deems your case as borderline we may discuss the possibilities with you.”

How often will I need to come in?

"Orthodontic treatment requires dental supervision at every stage of treatment: the start, regularly throughout and after to ensure your teeth are not shifting. While you’re in treatment, we would like to see you every 4-8 weeks to monitor your treatment progression but in between your in-person appointments we do have remote treatment monitoring that our patients use! 

How much does it cost?

Lastly, one of the most important questions patients ask which your team may have the most trouble answering is around cost and financing options. It’s important to teach your team how to answer this question! 

I need more materials!

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