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Preparation is key!

Tried and tested tips from our 32Co dentists

We all know that preparation makes our live easier, particularly when it comes to Clear Aligner care, but sometimes it's easier said than done to find the time to do it. In the second part of this series the focus is on how 32Co does the preparation for you to speed up labour intensive tasks and make life easier.

In this section: 

- Personalised patient information slides 

- Simple appointment scheduling

Easy to share information for patients:

For every 32Co treatment proposal, a set of personalised patient information slides are generated and sent to you. The slideshow is hosted online, can be edited by you and shared in 2 clicks to the patient’s email address. It’s a great way to share their tooth movement animation with them, and it includes a section to input the treatments selected and the prices agreed on.

“ Utilising the pre-made information slides helps me keep track of what treatments I’ve combined for a particular patient. It’s really professional to be able to share a presentation with patients - and I don’t have to do anything which is even better! I tell my nurse the prices and they share it with the patient whilst I’m getting ready for the next case ”

We’ve included comprehensive patient education on the fundamentals of using Clear Aligners. It perfectly compliments your verbal advice, so you can be confident that your patients are clued up on how to get the best results.

How does it make my life easier?

- Automatically generated for every case on the 32Co platform

- Shared with the patient in 2 clicks

- Provides a record of prices and treatments agreed between you and the patient  

- Takes the burden on providing written patient education information away from you

Get booked up!

When you’ve got several Clear Aligner cases on the go at once, making sure all your patients are reviewed at the right time can quickly become time consuming. As you've likely discovered booking your review appoints in bulk relieves this stress.

It also helps you to notice if a patient is getting off track and not keeping up with their wear schedule. Spotting it early gives you options to manage it and can avoid refinements.

“ Getting organised and booking a set of appointments in at the start of treatment has taken the stress out worrying if I’m seeing everyone at the right time. Patients value being able to book appointments in advance at times that suit them. Now I'm using the template it’s easy for me to send the patient to reception without having to explain what I want "

Use a template for ease

You'll likely want to customise the set-up of appointments for each patient depending on the case. However, it can be time consuming for you to communicate this to the patient and reception every time. Not all GDPs have the luxury of a TCO, so using a template to provide quick and clear instructions to bulk book appointments is what makes it easier for you. It only takes a couple of minutes and the rest is left to your reception team to manage.

It's also a great opportunity to reinforce crucial information to the patient in written form. Check out our example template below. If you want a blank copy then click here to get in touch and we will send some, printed out, to your practice.

How to utilise the template

- Decide on how often you want to review your patient 

- Fill in key details so everyone is clear on important information like wear schedules and who to call if they are having troubles

- Give to your patient to make all the appointments with reception (these can always be changed later!)

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