Clear Aligner Starter Course

14 Oct - 13 Nov 2022

  • Live webinars with leading orthodontists
  • Your first case supervised 1:1 by an orthodontist
  • Practical assignments to cement your learning
  • 15 verified CPD points

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Course dates:

14 Oct - 13 Nov 2022


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Course Breakdown

Live webinars
Learning modules
Hours of CPD
Supervised case

Course Overview

Across 4 weeks your cohort will move through the course together through a mix of self-directed learning modules and live webinars.

You'll need to commit 3 hours per-week to get the most out of the course modules and practical assignments. In return, you get access to course material usually worth £1000s for free.

The course starts on the 14th October and the first webinar will take place on Thursday 20th October.

  • Week 1 - Gain confidence assessing cases

    Understanding case complexity - Taking the perfect records - Completing your ortho assessment - Avoiding tricky cases

  • Week 2 - Educate patients & set up your workflow

    Talking to patients - Pricing for aligners - Setting up your workflow - Reviewing your treatment plan

  • Week 3 - Walk through our fitting masterclass

    Performing interproximal reduction - Fitting attachments - Navigating the fitting appointment

  • Week 4 - Learn how to monitor and finish cases

    Monitoring tracking - Troubleshooting - Starting remote monitoring - Finishing cases

Your Tutors

Prof. Ama Johal

Ama is internationally renowned for the standard of his clinical work and has published over 160 peer-reviewed papers. He'll teach you the foundations you need to get started with clear aligners

Dr Nidhi Bhalla

Nidhi practiced maxillofacial surgery and paediatric oral surgery at GOSH before becoming an orthodontist in 2009, meaning she has a wide range of experience to share

Dr Samir Farmahan

Samir is a high-volume, experienced orthodontist with substantial clear aligner expertise. He has treated every type of case, and will share essential tips learned over the years

Michelle Murphy
Practice Growth Lead

Michelle transforms underperforming dental practices. As part of this work, she regularly introduces dentists to new cosmetic treatments. She will help you attract your first clear aligner patients and get you started

What makes us different?

There are lots of courses out there that promise a lot, but fall short on delivery. Here is what makes us different.

Other Courses

32Co Starter Course

Long waiting lists
A new cohort each month
High fees with expensive refresher courses
Free, lifelong access to training content
Requires you to bring cases to get started
Teaches you how to attract your own clear aligner patients
Generic content that isn't personalised to you
Personalised learning with 1:1 feedback from an orthodontist
Don't teach you how to actually get started
A comprehensive programme that teaches you what you need to know to start providing clear aligners in 4 weeks
Why is it free?

We don’t believe learning to provide aligners should sit behind a paywall. We also think we’re the best partner to start providing aligners with - so we’re sharing content worth thousands for free.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. All we ask of you is a commitment of time and effort to complete the course material

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Course dates:

14 Oct - 13 Nov 2022


Opening soon

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