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To support our dentists we are bringing together the best orthodontists and manufacturers from around the world to help get patient’s better outcomes


Dr. Samir Farmahan


Throughout my training and work as an orthodontist I've always really enjoyed teaching and being able to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained across hundreds of clear aligner cases to help others get started. It's really exciting to be able to do this in a radically different way by leveraging technology to create engaging content in an outdated industry. 32Co is a unique opportunity to work remotely planning cases and help establish a new, collaborative way of working for dentists providing clear aligners.


Dr. Simon Betts

General Dentist, Manchester

I've used many aligner systems in the past and as a GDP I find it particularly reassuring to have my clear aligner treatments planned comprehensively by a specialist orthodontist. The additional support in all areas cannot be understated; any help or advice I have needed has been readily available and always in a friendly, informative way. I wouldn't ever go back to working without 32Co!


Gohar Rehman

CEO of Global Clear Aligner Manufacturer

As a mechanical engineer with a special interest in 3D printing I have always found the clear aligners industry a fascinating space that is pushing forward what is possible with this technology. As the second largest manufacturer of clear aligners globally, I'm proud to work with over 3,500 suppliers and brands. We build on decades of knowledge and experience to produce the finest aligners possible. Partnering with 32Co is a really exciting opportunity because we achieve the best outcomes when high quality manufacturing is combined with expertly planned cases.




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Trusted by 1,000s of dentists across the world

To support our dentists we are bringing together the best orthodontists and manufacturers from around the world to help get patient’s better outcomes


What Our Dentists Say.

We are building a community of like minded dentists. Here's what they say about working with 32Co


Dentist - Yorkshire

“Thank you for taking your time to plan this case, and describing the limitations which the patient is now aware of. We are both looking forward to getting started on the first of my 32Co cases!”


Dentist - Surrey

“Really appreciate the feedback and design of this case, I had previously submitted an Invisalign clincheck and after several returns I had something close-ish to what you have suggested straight away. Having the confidence to proceed with this knowledge of a specialist design is very reassuring”


Dentist - Essex

“I like the fact that a specialist ortho is helping me to know I'm getting the right treatment plan for my patient, it's really reassuring“


Dentist - London

“Apart from help from an ortho whenever I need it, the prices are just better and there is more choice”


Dentist - Glasgow

“Thank you so much for planning this case and how detailed your advice is - really appreciate it!”


Dentist - Cardiff

“With the specialist support I've been able to achieve better outcomes that I can rely on which makes my life easier”


Dentist - Essex

“Working with one of the specialists I've been able to confidently take on more complex cases as my skill has improved“

Yu En

Dentist - Buckie

“Thanks a lot for the awesome planning. Your guidance is the most welcome and look forward to learn a lot from you!”

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