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32Co is the world’s first holistic solution to snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders - bringing together all the specialists & technology needed to fix it. For good.

  • Improved mood and relationships

  • Higher energy and libido

  • Reduced cardiovascular risk

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Sleep disruption significantly impacts quality of life

Obesity and physical health

Tiredness and energy levels

Relationships and work

What can I do about it?


Sleep disorders can cause long term health problems

Improved sleep quality results in better alertness, mood, and cognitive function during the day. Reduced daytime fatigue and drowsiness enhances energy levels and overall wellbeing.

“Chronic snoring can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Treating snoring can help mitigate these risks and improve overall heart health. Sleep disturbances have been linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and addressing these disturbances can reduce this risk.”

Professor Ama Johal
What can I do about it?

Jakub freeman

“I’ve snored for years and tried everything online but nothing worked. I couldn’t get along with CPAP so I had grown to accept poor sleep. I'm so glad I gave my sleep device a go, it has made such a big difference”

What can I do about it?

reclaim your sleep

How does this improve my sleep?

Improvements in 6 weeks

A custom-made oral device with clinically proven improvement in sleep duration and quality.

Snoring and sleep apnoea is caused by the collapse of soft tissues in your airway during sleep. These sleep devices work by gently adjusting your jaw and tongue position while you sleep. By slightly moving your jaw forward it keeps your airway clear and wide open. This means no more snoring!


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Setup was quick and easy, and the device is exceptionally comfortable. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results!


Process was quick and works well.


Started feeling more like myself after getting a restful nights sleep


Took 4 weeks but worked very well. I'm happy with results.


With my snoring gone, I feel more refreshed every morning. And, my wife is ecstatic about the peace and quiet in our bedroom. Highly recommended!"


Changing the settings at home was really easy. Stopped snoring in about 3 weeks.

What can I expect?
Your device is worn at night while you sleep. It’s easy to put in and remove yourself and you’ll be able to talk and drink whilst wearing it. It is custom-made to be as comfortable as possible and is clinically proven to be the most effective oral device.

Following the direction of your dentist, over a number of weeks, the device is adjusted to move the jaw forward in small steps until your snoring is resolved. You can usually do this yourself at home.

Some people stop snoring immediately, however, most people start to notice a real improvement 4-6 weeks after starting.

reclaim your sleep

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We will ask you some questions and then have one of our expert sleep technicians follow up with you.


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We have locations across the UK for you to undertake a short assessment with a local clinician who will work with a 32Co Sleep Expert to assess your sleep.


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If we can treat you safely with one of the sleep devices, we’ll have your custom-made device manufactured. If you need to be seen by other health specialists, we’ll refer you out.


patient stories

Sam Fitzgerald

“I’ve snored for years which has always bothered my wife. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it! The improvement with my device was almost overnight and after a month of wearing my snoring has stopped completely"
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