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How does treatment work?

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Together you will talk through what you’d like to change about your smile. Your dentist will undertake an industry leading 27 point assessment looking at your facial profile, smile and dental health before talking through your options for treatment

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Once you are happy with your treatment plan, you are ready to get going.

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Comfortable and discreet, when you’re having treatment with 32Co aligners, you’ll be the only one that knows!

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You’ll see your dentist regularly to review your progress, usually ever 6-8 weeks. If appropriate you’ll also be able to share your progress with each aligner virtually.

Continue with life as normal

Eat what you like, brush as normal and continue doing the things you love.

Complete your smile makeover

Once your teeth are in the right place, we will set you up with retainers to ensure your get long-lasting results. Then it’s time for us to chat about finishing touches with additional treatments like whitening and bonding to complete your dream smile.


Helping People Smile all over Limerick

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Helping People Smile all over Limerick

OB Dental: Where Smile Meets Confidence

Dr. Jacqueline O'Brien specialises in treating nervous patients and helping them to achieve a healthy smile that they want to show off! Her practice is conveniently located at 119 O'Connell Street in Limerick City Centre. She has helped many patients transform their smile using a combination of clear aligners to bring the teeth into the ideal position and then complementing this with teeth whitening and composite bonding if required. Jacqueline focuses on helping her patients achieve optimal oral health, which often includes straightening teeth to allow for easier cleaning and greater confidence when smiling.

Our Services include:
✨ Dental examination including any small xrays that may be required and chat with dentist