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The things they don't tell you about clear aligners

Major brands use technicians to build you treatment plans, not dentists and not AI

We work with specialist orthodontists

The tooth movement simulation from major brands are only illustrations. They show the forces applied to the teeth, not the end result

32Co will guide you on what is actually a realistic result

Major clear aligner brands use almost identical 3D printing materials, machines and techniques

32Co works with any manufacturer using the best materials and techniques

There are no studies showing better clinical outcomes with ones plastic over another

32Co works with any manufacturer using the best materials and techniques

Treatment planners with no dental experience

When submitting a case to any major manufacturer a non-dentist technician is doing the treatment plan on their software. Orthos will often request multiple revisions to a design to get a safe outcome which will work. Our team frequently catch cases which are deceptively complex and not suitable for clear aligners, and we submit them to major brands to see the outcome. Request a case study to see an example (dentists only)

A simulation, not a promise

The tooth movement simulations provided by any major clear aligner manufacturer are designed to be a representation of the forces applied to the teeth, not the actual treatment outcome!

“I frequently receive Clinchecks back which are just not realistic, or unsafe for the patient, dentists need to be aware that they are responsible for understanding the treatment design” - Dr Nidhi Bhalla, Orthodontist

Made in the same factory

Clear aligner manufacfturers have factories in countries like Costa Rica, China, Pakistan and Poland with similar 3D printing methods. There is no evidence in the literature on difference in the manufacturing quality between major manufacturers, and in fact many 'brands' or 'systems; are made by the same manufacturers!

The monopoly over plastics has ended

With the majority of plastic patents now expired there are hundreds of high quality clear aligner materials on the market doing a good job, but all claiming to be clearer, thinner, more resistant. We’ve scoured the literature and road tested them all to highlight the best ones for you

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