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Dentists are better equipped to provide clear aligner treatment when they feel confident and are in control


Become a better dentist - offer orthodontics confidently

We are here to support you in every step of providing orthodontic treatment. We help you get the clear aligner treatment plan right by supporting you with training and direct collaboration with top specialist orthodontists.

We're here to surprise you with just how good clinical support can be.

Specialist orthodontists directly working with you

Work collaboratively with knowledgeable, experienced orthodontists who help you get the best outcomes for your patients

We're not another 'system', we're a better way to provide clear aligners

How does it work?

Build the best treatment plans, then buy from your favourite clear aligner lab

Get access to the highest quality clear aligner manufacturers through our marketplace and get maximum discounts from day 1

A team behind you no matter what

We're here to help with your first case, and when that tooth just won't track, and to celebrate finishing your first elastics case

Why work with 32Co?

Upskill in Orthodontics

Free educational courses, personalized to you. The only thing you pay for is the your aligners.

Reduce your risk

Collaborate with specialists, avoid the deceptively tricky cases, get better outcomes on all your patients

Maximum discounts on day 1

Through our manufacturer marketplace we give all dentists the maximum discount from day 1 on a variety of top manufacturers

Improve revenues

Adding orthodontics to  your portfolio of skills increases annual revenue by $40k

Start immediately

We tailor your onboarding and training to your level so you can start straight away

For experienced providers too

Orthos and experienced providers will receive advanced content to push the boundaries with more complex cases

It’s free!

You just pay for your clear aligners.

Meet the team leaders

We have a diverse team of wonderful orthodontists, dentists and business leaders supporting you in every area of your practice, no matter how experienced you are

About us
Dr. Ankita Sawant

Ankita is an experienced Orthodontist who leads our treatment planning team

Michelle Murphy

Michelle is an experienced dental business leader and runs our practice management team helping 32Co dentists to grow their practice

Dr. Havenga

Work with an Orthodontist on every case. Did you know Clear Aligner treatment setups from major brands are created by technicians - not dentists? Did you know Clear Aligner treatment setups

Dr. Tera Poole

Tera is the clinical lead and heads up our team of UK & US based Orthodontists

Dr. Ceren Tosun

Ceren leads a team of clinicians providing end to end support for our 32Co dentists

Michelle Murphy

Michelle is an experienced dental business leader and runs our practice management team helping 32Co dentists to grow their practice


What Our Dentists Say.

We are building a community of like minded dentists. Here's what they say about working with 32Co


Dentist - Yorkshire

“Thank you for taking your time to plan this case, and describing the limitations which the patient is now aware of. We are both looking forward to getting started on the first of my 32Co cases!”


Dentist - Surrey

“Really appreciate the feedback and design of this case, I had previously submitted an Invisalign clincheck and after several returns I had something close-ish to what you have suggested straight away. Having the confidence to proceed with this knowledge of a specialist design is very reassuring”


Dentist - Essex

“I like the fact that a specialist ortho is helping me to know I'm getting the right treatment plan for my patient, it's really reassuring“


Dentist - London

“Apart from help from an ortho whenever I need it, the prices are just better and there is more choice”


Dentist - Glasgow

“Thank you so much for planning this case and how detailed your advice is - really appreciate it!”


Dentist - Cardiff

“With the specialist support I've been able to achieve better outcomes that I can rely on which makes my life easier”


Dentist - Essex

“Working with one of the specialists I've been able to confidently take on more complex cases as my skill has improved“

Yu En

Dentist - Buckie

“Thanks a lot for the awesome planning. Your guidance is the most welcome and look forward to learn a lot from you!”

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