Episode 11: Creating your Money Mindset, ft. James Martin, Founder of Dentists Who Invest

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14 Nov 23

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Modern Dentist Podcast, Dr. Szamocki sits down with James Martin, Founder of Dentists Who Invest, to explore the financial intricacies of dentistry. Join the discussion on the unique money management approach necessary for dentists and the reasons behind it. Gain insights into differentiating between financial stability and anxiety and the crucial role of financial goal setting in dental practice. Learn about the top early-career money management mistakes specific to dentists and uncover the simplest steps to kickstart your investment journey as a dentist. Tune in for a packed episode!

Learn more about James and his work at ⁠https://www.dentistswhoinvest.com/⁠

Hear more from Sonia ⁠⁠⁠@moderndentistpodcast⁠⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠⁠@32co_uk⁠⁠⁠ on Instagram.

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✨ About the Modern Dentist Podcast

This podcast is here to serve as your audio guidebook to the trials and tribulations of dentistry and healthcare.

We’re going to talk about how to get ahead of the curve and deal with the common problems dentists face and expand your horizons on what’s new in the health tech field. We'll discuss how you can become a better dentist now and learn how to grow and adapt to the future challenges of the career.

These are a few of the things we want to cover - speaking to dentists, lawyers and most excitingly founders of exciting health technology companies. This is the podcast that will answer everything you’re never taught at dental school and show you that the world of dentistry is changing faster than you could ever imagine.

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