Episode 12 (Special Edition): Direct-To-Consumer Clear Aligner Treatment ft. Professor Ama Johal and Dr. Raj Ratan

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19 Dec 23

Episode Summary

Right now there's a lot of buzz around direct to consumer clear aligner companies leaving patients in a scramble. We believe it's important to provide dentists with the information they need to safely restore faith in patients who have been let down.

In this special edition of the Modern Dentist, Dr. Sonia Szamocki interviews Raj Rattan, Dental Director at Dental Protection, and Professor Ama Johal, Specialist Orthodontist and Clinical Lead at 32Co, to explore how dentists should approach the treatment of patients who have used a direct-to-consumer clear aligner service. The discussion addresses key questions, such as: Should dentists view this as an opportunity to grow their business? What risks should dentists evaluate when taking on these patients? In what ways do these cases pose greater challenges compared to others? Additionally, the conversation delves into the critical steps of record-keeping that are often overlooked when accepting these patients.

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