How to use the 32Co Pricing Calculator

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May 3, 2023

The 32Co Pricing Calculator is an exclusive feature for 32Co providers. In less than two minutes, you'll get a tailor-made quote for your patient - detailing accurate estimates on cost, length of treatment, and complexity.

You can use after a smile consultation, assessment, or generally to get an idea of our pricing.

How to use the Calculator

Firstly, navigate to the Calculator on the 32Co Portal.

Click on 'Calculator'

Click 'Let's Start' and you're at the races!

Now, you'll share a few pieces of information about the case, covering:

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Treatment decisions
  • Whether you'll use our DUO or SOLO workflow, and number of refinements

This takes less than 2 minutes to complete, on average. When you've answered the questions, you'll get a detailed overview of the plan:

Voila! From here, you can quickly get started on a case, or tweak your answers to compare your options.

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