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The Clear Aligner Stretch Course is offered to 32Co Providers who want to take on more complex cases.

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How we teach dentists to provide confidently
Live webinars with leading orthodontists
Practical assignments to cement your learning
Receive Specialist orthodontist mentorship on your case throughout the course (and ongoing!)
15 verified CPD points - we send you a physical certificate signed by Professor Ama Johal.
Our training is recommended by 100% of attendees

"Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. 32Co has truly supported me to feel more confident in starting my first clear alignment case!"


"Very informative course! I was really pleased with the help on hand and now I’m raring to go and get started!"


"Your support has been a breath of fresh air and certainly helped to take the pressure off being a beginner in offering clear aligners."


"Having an orthodontist guide you through the entire treatment workflow makes this course unique!"


"Really a must do to provide aligners safely for your patients. Explains everything in a great order and the learning materials are fantastic."


"I have a lot of trust in 32Co and feel reassured about the long-term support."


"Was really comprehensive, taking us along the journey from start to finish. Breaking the learning up into teaching, assignments and reading was excellent."


"I can’t believe the amount of detail that went into the resources and webinars. It answered questions I didn’t even know I had."


"Feel so much better talking to patients/briefly assessing suitability for clear aligners. Love the tech too!"

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Comprehensive, interactive and taught by experienced professionals
live webinars
hours of CPD
supervised case
learning modules

Course Overview

Our courses are personalised, 1:1 and interactive - unlike traditional, didactic classroom-based training. We’re bringing the latest in eductional  technology to dentistry.

You'll need to commit 3 hours per-week to get the most out of the course modules and practical assignments. In return, you get access to course material usually worth £1000s for free.

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Week 1

The fundamentals of Clear Aligner Orthodontics

A refresher on the basics, including information many experienced clear aligner providers don’t know!

week 2

Advanced IPR and Retainers

We walk through the finer technical steps to planning and perfoming IPR, as well as advanced content on placing perfect retainers.

Week 3

Scaling your Clear Aligner Practice

We show you how to take your clear aligner practice to the next level - including taking on more complex cases with our support, improving your outcomes - and increasing your profits.

Week 4

Stretch Cases

Our expert orthodontists will investigate a complex patient case and plan it from start to finish, explaining every decision along the way.

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Expert teachers, exceptional results.

Prof. Ama Johal

Ama is internationally renowned for the standard of his clinical work and has published over 160 peer-reviewed papers. He'll teach you the foundations you need to get started with clear aligners.


Dr Samir Farmahan

Samir is a high-volume, experienced orthodontist with substantial clear aligner expertise. He has treated every type of case, and will share essential tips learned over the years.

Practice Growth Lead

Michelle Murphy

Michelle transforms underperforming dental practices. As part of this work, she regularly introduces dentists to new cosmetic treatments. She will help you attract your first clear aligner patients and get you started


Dr Nidhi Bhalla

Nidhi practiced maxillofacial surgery and paediatric oral surgery at GOSH before becoming an orthodontist in 2009, meaning she has a wide range of experience to share.

What makes us different?
Starter Course
Regular new cohorts
Trains you in patient attraction
Work hand-in-hand with experts
1:1 support to get you providing
Free, and always will be
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it free?

We don’t believe learning to provide aligners should sit behind a paywall - we think our providers should have access to the best possible education in order to stretch their skills, free of charge.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. If you are a 32Co Provider, you'll have access to the 32Co Stretch Course. All we ask of you is a commitment of time and effort to complete the course material

How is this different to a one-day course?

Many dentists on the Stretch Course have previously attended multiple one, two or three-day courses, and are astonished at the difference. In their words, short courses are an "information overload", with "no information on how to go about using aligners, or guidance on how to navigate the treatment process". On the other hand, over four weeks our Stretch Course covers every theoretical and practical topic you need to boost your confidence.

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Clear Aligner Starter Course

Our courses are personalised, 1:1 and interactive - unlike traditional, didactic classroom-based training. We’re bringing the latest in eductional technology to dentistry.

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