by our founder, Dr Sonia Szamocki

Our Story

I've built a team of clinicians and technologists to create something that has never existed for dentists - a worldwide training community and medical devices marketplace. We're on a mission to improve the standard of care for millions of people.


There was a growing problem for dentists..

When we set out to build a platform based on clinical collaboration, we quickly realised an issue within dentistry. Traditional aligner brands had forgotten about the Dentist's clinical experience - and in doing so, disregarded patients' welfare.

Dentists were being asked to plan aligner cases without proper support or training. Meanwhile, access to expertise and best practice was either expensive or impossible. This created a barrier for dentists nervous about getting started

Why we are different

...we saw that dentists could be better-supported...

We looked at all of the issues feeding into the growing problem and built a platform capable of fixing them. We started providing high-quality, innovative training (for free). We offered best-in-class, fast UK-based support - and most importantly, we provided 1:1 Specialist Orthodontist mentorship for Dentists, when they needed it.

This means that we, better than any traditional manufacturer, have a detailed understanding of each provider's skill level. Dentists called us "revolutionary" before we did - that's when we knew we'd changed the game for them.

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...and in doing so, we fixed the patient experience

When dentists are properly supported, they are empowered to do their best work. That means more patients getting a better treatment experience.

By reducing the number of unexpected refinements in clear aligner treatment, patients and their Dentists run a lower risk of running into a nasty surprise, or disappointing delay.

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We've built 32Co from this core belief that Dentists and patients deserve better.

We're growing fast - and we're more driven than ever to take on the traditional industry
and change it for the better - for everyone.

Sonia Szamocki
CEO & Founder
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