Episode 10: Psychological Tools in Dentistry ft. Isar Bhattacharjee, Founder of Uncover and Organisational Psychologist

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6 Nov 23

Episode Summary

In this week's episode of the Modern Dentist Podcast, join Dr. Sonia Szamocki and Isar Bhattacharjee, the Founder of Uncover and Organisational Psychologist, as they delve into the world of psychology, providing valuable tools to enhance your performance as a clinician. Whether you are personally facing feelings of loneliness and seeking greater satisfaction at work, or you are a practice owner aiming to foster a more cohesive team, this episode offers valuable insights and guidance for you.

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Read more about Isar and his business at ⁠Uncover.business⁠ or ⁠https://uncover.substack.com/

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⁠✨Resources and studies discussed in this episode:

Autonomy and psychological safety
⁠Google’s project Aristotle⁠
⁠Amy Edmondson’s book ⁠

⁠Bloom’s taxonomy/hierarchy of learning⁠
Evidence on “mastery” specific approaches⁠

⁠Loneliness US Surgeon General report
⁠UK stats on loneliness⁠

⁠Grit by Angela Duckworth⁠
Alia Crum’s team from Stanford on Stress Enhancing Performance Mindset
⁠Ellen Langer’s Xerox experiment⁠

Other materials
⁠Alvin Roth, Nobel prize winner for economics
⁠⁠Thinking in bets by Annie Duke⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠
Self determination theory, Deci & Ryan 2000 - Autonomy, mastery and relatedness
⁠Atomic Habits by James Clear⁠
EAST behavioural nudging framework from the UK Cabinet Office⁠

How constraints improve creativity

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