Dentists love learning - So why are traditional courses not doing the job?

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Aug 9, 2023

With the dental landscape changing rapidly, private and NHS dentists alike want to get in on the clear aligner game in order to expand their scope of practice.

But traditional courses are one-size fits all and it’s a gamble every time – will this one be worth the time, the money, the travel? Old-fashioned learning formats can feel great on the day, but in the weeks and months after, how much knowledge is actually retained? As lots of dentists tell us after cutting through the sales pitch that often comes with these courses – not much.

Traditional clear aligner systems are manufacturers, not educators, so it’s no wonder dentists are finding themselves turning into ‘course junkies’- skipping from course to course, spending thousands, but never quite finding the silver bullet which actually builds skill and confidence.

This is where 32Co are doing things differently – bringing together the best minds in tech, dentistry and evidence-based learning design to offer general dentists an end-to-end workflow for providing clear aligners, including continuous training, 1:1 orthodontic mentorship, and material choice through the world’s first clear aligner marketplace.

Why 32Co is different

So what is different about learning with 32Co? Why do 100% of the dentists who completed a 32Co course say they would recommend it to another dentist? And why are dentists saying: ‘I have done multiple short-term ortho courses from the traditional brands, and 32Co is by far the best?’

Cost: This is not a two-day course costing thousands; 32Co’s four-week comprehensive courses, with 15 verifiable CPD points, are completely free.

Convenience: No more travelling for hours on weekends; 32Co’s courses are delivered virtually, with interactive modules you can do in your own time every week, followed by a weekly live study club guided by one of the UK’s top specialist orthodontists, where you have the opportunity to run through real case studies.

Creativity: With technology experts on board, 32Co has built a new type of course which makes complex concepts simple through interactive modules, practice cases, and real patient scenarios, meaning that every week is enjoyable, as well as educational.

But it doesn’t stop there; 32Co is building a new form of continuous education which trains dentists as they work.

Powered by AI, expert orthodontists, and the questions we receive from dentists every day, 32Co predicts and delivers the content that dentists will find useful.

Questions like: ‘What can we realistically achieve before this patient gets married?’, ‘Should I use Class II elastics in this case?’, or ‘What is the best way to correct a posterior crossbite?, are answered within seconds.

All still for free

Why? Because 32Co has proven, through training over 500 dentists, that when the dentist’s workflow is invested in, it’s good for the industry. Patients receive better care and clinicians practice more confidently and with lower risk.

32Co’s clear aligner results are redefining excellence, with specialist-supported treatments leading to more predictable results (>90% of cases require no refinements or 1 refinement, compared to the industry standard of an average of 2 refinements per case).

It’s also why 32Co is the only clear aligner company partnered with indemnifiers (see their partnership with Dental Protection here).

If you’re ready to start your journey to clear aligner confidence, join their Clear Aligner Starter Course or Stretch Course, depending on your level of experience.

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