The end of half-baked support with clear aligners

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Nov 27, 2023

Imagine being told to bake a "croquembouche" under time pressure, without help, with glaring lights, an audience watching every move, and a panel of judges who expect perfection.

It’s no wonder even the best chefs crumble under the pressure of the Great British Bake Off.

Instead, imagine if one of the renowned judges, say Prue Leith, could step in and share expert advice throughout, based on years of experience, saving them from the dreaded soggy bottom 😱

She has over 50 years of experience in the culinary world. She’s often direct yet sincere with her feedback. Yet, she has the warmth to really nurture contestants when they need a confidence boost.

Picture her giving advice when they over-piped the dulce de leche into the buns. Anticipated the collapse when the toffee wasn’t left to cool for long enough.

The weight of the challenge would lift almost instantly.

It’s easy to forget dentists providing aligners without assistance can experience similar challenges. These dentists are skilled, competent clinicians trying to deliver great results for their patients - but often under immense pressure from patients and the looming threat of the regulators. Consequently, many dentists find themselves both isolated and helpless to reach those standards alone, which has led to a sharp increase in mental health-related disorders within the profession. [1]

This is why provides dentists with their own ‘Prue Leiths’ in the form of Specialist Orthodontists, albeit younger and with a few more letters after their name, offering 1:1 mentorship on every clear aligner case submitted through the 32Co DUO service.

For instance, say a dentist submits a case with an awkward antero-posterior relationship.

Normally, that dentist would find themselves inadvertently causing a malocclusion midway through treatment. Given that lack of informed consent is one of the leading causes of complaints during orthodontic treatment [2], this could introduce a major strain on the relationship with their patient. Rather than letting them find out the hard way mid-treatment, 32Co’s Specialist Orthodontists could flag this issue immediately and suggest adding more expansion to achieve ideal overjet and overbite. It’s as if Prue caught a contestant’s cake layers were going to be too thin and was able to provide feedback before the sponge went into the oven. Just imagine the relief of knowing the cake would come out exactly as you planned!

Or perhaps a patient with aligners. Given that rotations are often the least predictable movement to achieve with clear aligners [3], this can be a fairly common occurrence. With most aligner providers, dentists would be stung with additional refinements to correct this - which leads to frustrated patients, loss of valuable chair time and ultimately unprofitable treatment. 32Co’s orthodontists can identify this recipe for disaster right out of the gate, advising intraoral images or a mid-treatment scan to ensure the movements are as intended. It’s like Prue warning a contestant that their filling's moisture content is too high - before they end up with a soggy bottom crust.

32Co’s eagle-eyed ‘Prues’ catch issues faster than Paul sniffs underbaked bread. And because over 90% of questions from dentists are answered in under 2 hours by real clinical experts - that ‘sweaty palms’ moment when you have a big aligner case lined up in the afternoon, and you have a few last-minute questions to clear up is eliminated.

Most importantly, the amount of time saved is unmatched. As a result of better case selection and treatment planning with specialist orthodontists, the average case with 32Co takes 6 months less and has 50% fewer refinements than traditional ‘systems’ leaving providers feeling more confident throughout having had a second pair of eyes on their case.

Just imagine if Prue could’ve come up with a strategy for the contestants before they had their hour to bodge together those orange and ginger treacle puddings. (Saku - you didn’t deserve to go out like that 😢).

So if you’re tired of receiving half-baked support on your clear aligner cases or referring out complex cases, become a 32Co provider to gain access to your own Prue Leith, MOrth and feel proud of every case. Learn about 32Co DUO service.

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[2] J Clin Exp Dent. 2022 Sep; 14(9): e694–e704An overview of orthodontic malpractice liability based on a survey and case assessment review

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