How to provide clear aligners to your first patient - Part 1

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Jan 25, 2023

If you're reading this article, you're probably trying to gain the knowledge needed to provide clear aligners safely. You're also likely wondering how to feel confident and empowered to start.

If the above sounds like you, you’re in the right place. We’re 32Co, a clear aligner platform - but one thing that makes us different is that we provide comprehensive training for free.

If you’ve never provided aligners before, join the 32Co Starter Course. We’ll run you through everything you need to know, with live webinars, training and assessments, over 4 weeks. It’s very popular 😁

We’ve trained a growing community of dentists to start providing clear aligners confidently with 32Co, or level up their existing skills. This article outlines the general workflow you’ll undertake with your first patient. Let’s dive in!

Smile evaluation - 15 minutes

This is a quick assessment to scope out your patient’s suitability for clear aligners. It’s your job to help a patient understand what they don’t like about their smile, and how you can help.

This appointment is all about the patient - they are trusting you to change how they fundamentally look.

  • What do they want to improve?
  • And why now?

Often a wedding, significant birthday or other life event provides the impetus for a new smile, and gives you a date to aim for.

Once you know what your patient needs, it's time to tell them about clear aligners and how it works. Use the same words they used when talking about their issues and explain how the treatment can help. You must be clear about what the clear aligners can do so you can get proper consent.

Records appointment - 30-60 minutes

This is where you’ll complete a comprehensive assessment to create the best treatment plan for your patient.

It’s also critical for understanding the case’s complexity. You’re collecting valuable clinical data which helps you understand what you are treating, and covers you dento-legally. Once you have an idea of case complexity and your confidence to treat it, 32Co has unique options for you: you can work directly with a Specialist Orthodontist to plan the case, or do it yourself with a technician.

You’ll charge your patient for this appointment. Whilst the smile evaluation is often free, this is an in-depth appointment. This is the patient’s commitment to treatment, and the first stage of the process.

Treatment review and consent - 15 minutes

This is where you’ll show your patient their new smile, and explain their treatment plan. At this point, you’ll discuss the exact timeframe and confirm their expectations.

At 32Co, we’ve built a personalised patient proposal tool  so you can send all the info your patient needs in one click - you can send this over to them as soon as you receive it 💫

In the appointment, explain the benefits and limitations of treatment to prevent any confusion or disappointment down the line. The patient’s concerns are the most important thing - even if you’ve followed the treatment plan perfectly, they won’t be happy if that plan doesn’t resolve their issue.

Consent will be signed at this stage. You’ll set payment up for the rest of treatment in order to allow the process to run smoothly. This may include a financing option.

Finally, you’ll order your patient’s aligners to be sent to the practice.

If you want to read further about how to provide clear aligners to your first patient, please proceed to Part 2, here.

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