How to provide clear aligners to your first patient - Part 2

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Jan 26, 2023

If you're reading this article, you're probably trying to gain the knowledge needed to provide clear aligners safely. This might mean that you’ve already read ‘Part 1’ of this article series, if you haven’t read it, you can find the article here.

If the above sounds like you, you’re in the right place. We’re 32Co, a clear aligner platform - but one thing that makes us different is that we provide comprehensive training for free.

Fitting - 45-60 minutes

Once you’ve received the aligners, you’ll invite your patient back into practice to fit them.

They will likely be excited to get started🤩🎉!

While you’re focused on getting your equipment in order and focusing on where and how you’ll do your Interproximal Reduction (IPR), remember that this is the start of your journey together- make it a positive one!

This appointment may consist of IPR, attachments on teeth and fitting the aligners to make sure they are comfortable for the patient.

Do not rush this appointment.

Providing IPR can be a tiring process that can sometimes be split across multiple appointments, however, it must be done to completion. Too little IPR will result in sub-optimal treatment outcomes - so make sure you explain the steps to your patient and allow plenty of time to complete it.

Additionally, you will be fitting your attachments. Make sure you check the attachment template and you should be aware of where all the attachments will be before the patient enters the surgery. Your nurse should be on hand to assist and help you complete treatment efficiently.

Once fitted, it is important to observe the patient taking their aligners in and out of the mouth to ensure they understand the movement and to check your trays are seating well. Be sure to explain aligner hygiene here, and the importance of using chewies to keep the aligners tracking well.

We include a fitting masterclass as part of the Clear Aligner Starter Course, because we know this can feel like a very tricky appointment to navigate when you’re getting started.

Appointments during treatment - 10 mins every 4-6 weeks for check-up

Keeping track of your patient’s progress is key to ensure your work is optimal. Check-ups every 4-6 weeks for around 10-15 minutes are essential to track progress and reinstate the importance of wearing the aligners at least 22 hours a day.

Use this as an opportunity to check up on how your patient has been and review how well the aligners are tracking with the predicted treatment plan.

At 32Co, we’ve built an incredible remote monitoring tool - free for every dentist to use with their patients.

Finishing appointment - 30-60 minutes

Here it is - the finishing line is in sight!

This is where you get to take off the attachments and show your patient their smile 😁 It’s important to ensure that the patient is happy with the result - if not, refinements may be needed to correct any inaccuracies and this will require new records to be taken and more waiting time for the new aligners to be ordered 😔

To avoid this we recommend taking a very detailed history in the initial appointments, and ensuring your treatment plan is of the highest quality. This is where we can help. Unlike other brands, 32Co provides mentorship from a Specialist Orthodontist when you need it. This means we have much lower refinement rates than the industry standard, protecting dentists and patients from unhappy surprises.

Retainer Fit - 15-30 minutes

This should be a simple appointment which takes around 20 minutes to fit the retainers and ensure your patient has all the instructions needed to maintain their new beautiful smile!

That’s a wrap! Now, we know there are a lot of steps needed to provide clear aligners and we believe it is important for dentists to be supported and have insight into every stage along the way.

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