Dr. Sonia Szamocki

"I've spent time working on the frontline as a doctor in the NHS, in healthcare consultancy, and at the cutting edge of health tech innovation. In 15 years looking at every area of healthcare my main learning was that we are not doing enough to empower our clinicians - the people holding up our healthcare systems. Despite having years of training, we treat them like cogs in a machine. We try to underpay them or replace them all together. I started this, now global, company for clinicians like you who want more: greater clinical confidence in even the most specialised areas, greater financial freedom, more time for yourself."

Catch-up on all the latest episodes of 32Co’s podcast: The Modern Dentist featuring Dr. Sonia Szamocki

Episode 12 (Special Edition): Direct-To-Consumer Clear Aligner Treatment ft. Professor Ama Johal and Dr. Raj Ratan

Episode 11: Creating your Money Mindset, ft. James Martin, Founder of Dentists Who Invest

Episode 10: Psychological Tools in Dentistry ft. Isar Bhattacharjee, Founder of Uncover and Organisational Psychologist

Episode 9: Sales without Selling, ft. Samuel Butcher CRO at Blended Teaching

Episode 8: Positivity in Dentistry ft. Raj Ratten, Dental Protection

Episode 7: Dentorama, Where Theatre and Dentistry Converge ft. Raj Rattan, Dental Protection

Episode 6: Behind the Scenes of Dentistry ft. Craig Welling, CEO of FMC

Episode 5: How to do More Than Just Dentistry ft. Dr. Faris Dent

Episode 4 (Bonus): The Business of Dentistry ft. Dan Fine, Group Director of Hive

Episode 3: The Business of Dentistry ft. Dan Fine, Group Director of Hive

Episode 2: Creating a £50 million Personal Nutrition Company from Scratch ft. Melissa Snover, CEO of Nourished

Episode 1: Personalised Nutrition for the Masses ft. Jonathan Wolf, CEO of ZOE

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